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Dance is more than an extra curricular activity, it's reduces stress levels, encourages exercise, teaches poise, and builds self-esteem for our children. At MMDC, we take pride in what we do and seeing our youth thrive is one of biggest achievements.  Our dancers go on to becoming college graduates, professional dancers, world travelers, and succesful parents.

MMDC's staff and Directors are on a mission to keep the love of dance in motion by giving the gift of dance to anyone who dreams of being a dancer, but for financial reasons can't.  We encourage our children to follow their dreams reg

ardless of any circumstance their family may be enduring.   


2021 Scholarship Recipients



Let's Meet Christian, MMDC's Journey B. Bulter Scholarship Recipient


Christian is an 8 year old, rising 3rd grader! Her favorite style of dance is tap and her favorite color is purple. She loves her mom’s homemade chicken pot pie and nachos :). Christian is extremely social and enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. When she’s not dancing, she enjoys riding her bike, playing with her dolls, helping to cook or bake and playing Roblox. Christian also loves dogs and loves to sing.

Christian, you remind us of Journey I’m so many ways. Your grit, spunk and determination, the way you lock in and strive to always the best at what you do and the way you give 100 percent are so reflective of the qualities we adored about Journey.

Thank you for helping us keep Journey’s memory alive and allowing us to reflect on so many of her amazing qualities. You are so deserving of this! Congratulations!




Let's Meet Liah, MMDC's Tiesha Holmes Scholarship Recipient


Liah is 5 years old. Her favorite style of dance is Hip Hop and her favorite colors are pink and purple. Liah’s favorite food is waffles and when she’s not dancing she loves to “pretend play”!

Liah was awarded this scholarship because her love of dance so closely aligns to the love Miss Tiesha had for it. Just like Miss Tiesha, Liah’s eyes light up every time she enters the studio, she always gives her all and her passion for dance is infectious!

We are so proud of you Liah, and it is our joy to honor Miss Tiesha by gifting this scholarship in her name to you!


Scholarship Application Info

MMDC offers scholarships for those children who want to dance, but their families do not have the financial means to pay for the lessons. In the past 12 years, MMDC has awarded over $240,000 in scholarships.  We hope to expand the our program this year. Scholarship children and families show the staff how dedicated and committed they are by coming to class on time, participating in fundraisers, and supporting MMDC in any way they possibly can.


The deadline for all scholarship applications is August 8, 2018. Please submit your applications and required attachments to  Please note:  If you do not submit all the required documents, you chance being completely disqualified for a scholarship.

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a student, please email to obtain more information.

Click here for 2019/2020 application




If you are interested in donating to MMDC, please email or pay by credit card with our PayPal donation button below:






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